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 We are a family company owned by Mr D Hardacre, Mr T Hardacre, Mr and Mrs K Bennett, Mr P Dixon and Mr D Lynch.

 The company has many attributes that contribute to and maintain its high standard.  It is actively managed by Bristol resident managers who are interested in the smooth running of the houses and company.   This means that when problems arise they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

 Family members have attended University in the city giving insight into what students need and want from the accommodation available.

 We have taken great care to ensure that the houses are in good repair, well decorated and well furnished.

 Tenants are given the protection of a shorthold tenancy, and documentation setting out clearly their rights and obligations.

 With company members living close to Bristol it is always possible to make contact in an emergency.

 In addition to gas safety certificates, most of our houses have current NICEIC certificates for safety of electrical wiring.   They all have certificates of inspection of fire equipment and emergency lighting where fitted.

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 For lettings enquiries, you can also contact us on 07973 232141.

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